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Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Down Here #5 This Sunday 2nd June 2019 3PM-8PM



UNWAR (nsw)

4/24 Brereton St, South Brisbane QLD 4101
$~5donation entry$ AA + BYO

A Natural Low’s ‘Down Here’ series returns in 2019 celebrating local, impenetrable & underground experimental music and a few new releases from the Essential Minerals label

Essential Minerals: https://www.emtapes.com | A Natural Low: https://www.anaturallow.org


Phantom Chips is the solo, multi-faceted project of Tara Pattenden of the legendary noise band Kunt, the Monster Zoku Onsomb collective, FCKN BSTRDS, and so many more. Featuring an array of homemade synthesizers, samplers, wearable noisemakers producing a freeform, mangled noisy mess encouraging audience participation at times Phantom Chips' live performances are a chaotic celebatory event not to be missed.

Phantom Chips (official) - http://www.phantomchips.com/

UNWAR (nsw)

Unwar is the solo project of Michael Donnelly (NSW/Australia) - the founder of Music Your Mind Will Love You and Hashram Audio Concern labels, a founding member of Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood, 6Majik9, FFEHRO, and many other long-running experimental/improv+noise projects including the much revered solo project Terracid.

Launch for a new cassette 'Political Duty' (Essential Minerals, EM-CB-04).

'Political Duty' via Essential Minerals - https://www.emtapes.com/p/em-cb-04-unwar-c-42.html

Hashram Audio Concern (label) - https://hashramaudioconcern.blogspot.com/
Music Your Mind Will Love You (label) - https://www.discogs.com/label/65940-Music-Your-Mind-Will-Love-You
https://musicyourmindstillloveyou.blogspot.com (archive, not run by MD)


LG is a Brisbane-based experimental interdisciplinary artist and has just released a second tape on Essential Minerals (EM-CB-03): While the untitled debut (EM7) incorporated two piano pieces into a ghostly, intangible (literally) warped artefact 'Dysfunctional Aesthetics' strips away the noise & hiss to form a 6-part, otherworldly document with her impermeable distinct, singular voice & vision.

See: Slupr, Reptile, a founding member of Shooga (RIP).

'Dysfunctional Aesthetics' via Essential Minerals - https://www.emtapes.com/p/em-cb-03-lg-c28.html

'A Sunny but Cold Day' - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXSWRegZyzs - from 'Dysfunctional Aesthetics'
'Unsustainable' - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOdJZ18Pq1g - from the 'Down Here Vol. 1' compilation (EM21)


Raum is Rachael Archibald (Raquel, Lilith) & Timothy Green (I'm A Cop, et al) - launching their debut record (cassette) via Essential Minerals (EM-CB-01), one of the most arresting & beautiful tapes put to the label it features a heavily manipulated multi-session recording on the A side with a live set in a cavernous drain on the B side. Don't miss this performance!

Untitled cassette via Essential Minerals - https://www.emtapes.com/p/em-cb-01-raum-c-44.html

RAUM FB - https://www.facebook.com/raumspaces/
RAUM Bandcamp - https://raumraum.bandcamp.com/


CC is a solo recording project from Brisbane QLD Australia. Anonymity requested, Essential Minerals has released a C-94 tape as part of the 'Composite Beings' series (EM-CB-02) - an impenetrable & relentless artefact based around controlled feedback & amplifier manipulation. An absolutely singular artist whose prolific output for well over a decade now via seemingly endless projects has influenced so, so many local artists while keeping an inspired & obscured, masked approach to any kind of recognition. Not to be missed!

Untitled cassette via Essential Minerals - https://www.emtapes.com/p/em-cb-02-cc-c-94.html


Ditchdog is the solo project of Samantha A. - Brisbane underground experimental artist more commonly known from acts such as Terorist, Toilet Roll Dolls, Xynthia, Icing Eater and many more. 'irl ix' is the follow-up to her debut net-only release ‘Done’ out late 2018 by Intruder Alert (Warsaw) and hopefully a preview of more to come.

'irl ix' via Essential Minerals - https://www.emtapes.com/p/em-cb-05-ditchdog-c-12.html

'Done' via Intruder Alert - https://xxxintruderalertxxx.bandcamp.com/album/ditchdog-done-ia09

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