Thursday, 1 August 2019

Brisbane Gig Guide

I got sick of the lack of gig guides in Brisbane - primarily looking at experimental, noise, etc - so I've put together this really simple, to-the-point guide for anyone to use, share & submit their events to list:

Rolling updates, not comprehensive but what is found or submitted. You can easily & securely submit your event listing via the form on the site, or check out all the listings, add events to your calendar, follow the links.

Private/house/squat shows can also be added. The address won't be listed, however. Specify if you'd like the address to be made public - for example: the listing can be updated the day before of the event with the address, or at any point you specify. Your privacy will be respected.

Feel free to also email: if you prefer to list your event outside of the form.

- B. / Safe Hands

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