What is 'A Natural Low'?


A Natural Low...

'A Natural Low' is a small, fiercely independent art collective founded by L.,R.&B. & operating in Brisbane, Queensland | Australia (2017). With a focus on experimental audio & visual performance our aim is to provide an outlet for artists to showcase their works without constraint or compromise.

Please get in touch if you've got an event proposal, would like to perform or exhibit a work. We'd love to hear from you.

Essential Minerals…

‘Essential Minerals’ is a Brisbane-based underground tape label founded & operated by B. (Ben, 2015) with a focus on unrecognized & ignored experimental artists primarily located in SEQ/Northern NSW with the occasional interstate project.

Cassettes vary from extreme low quality recycled to brand-new professionally-cut, and either dubbed real-time or professionally duplicated. Covers & cases vary. Please contact or see individual records for more information including prices.

Submissions, demos are always welcome. Please contact for further details.

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