re: 'Down Here' #4 - Sunday 2nd of September 2018

First post! Will use this platform to provide updates, news etc.

The fourth event in our 'Down Here' series went off without any issues. All acts were amazing as expected; It was Xolita's debut performance. Hannah (Omen, et al) & Martin from Germany. Unfortunately the audio recording was ruined by intoxicated conversations in front of the microphone. Working on the video documentation that was produced though. See below link or here for the documentation page.

Phase 4 Records & Cassettes is a great record store with a small stage & PA setup across from the Beat in Fortitude Valley. Due to the layout & size of the store it quickly fills up when there's a show on. Be sure to check out the upcoming Greg Charles & the Ex-Catholics + FFEHRO show there on Sunday 16th September 2018 (3-6PM) in particular.

Documentation page for 'Down Here' #4.

A Natural Low is actively looking for a regular performance space. If you're a venue owner or booker please get in touch