'Essential Minerals' is a cassette label based in Brisbane (QLD Australia) releasing experimental recordings from local & interstate projects. Est. 2015.

Info: Each cassette is (AUD)$5 + postage. Every cassette is dubbed in real-time and to order. Covers vary.

Contact: Email

How to order: Send an email or purchase direct via the Essential Minerals Bandcamp page.

Submissions, demos are always welcome. Please email to discuss.

EM20 'Hell' c60

Essential Minerals #20. (c) 2017

Obstinately untitled recording of an incredibly rare jam at Real Bad Music (Moorooka, QLD) a number of years ago between members of The Year of the Sex Olympics, The Perfect Lovers, Tistriallal Binds, Stasis Duo, I'm A Cop. Referred to as the 'Hell' tape for years as it sat buried in a storage container and now finally released in abridged form - cutting it down from ~2 hours to a c60 tape. A hot, loud, relentless wall of burnt tronik noise punctuated by the unmistakable double-cymbal
destruction by Jamie H. (TYOTSO, The Perfect Lovers) and occasional, unintelligible heavily intoxicated vocals.

'A Natural Low' was an event held at the East Brisbane Bowls Club on Sunday 20th November 2016 after it was converted into an artistic space by a local community group.

The night consisted of three acts:
A special, one-off reunion set from Teen Sex (members of Pluto, Faecal Flower, etc) featuring amp/mic feedback red-light clipped destruction & circuit-bent/hand-built electronics.

Cock Safari (Grog Pappy label) made the trip up from Newcastle, NSW, and this was his second set of the weekend after wrestling with the blown-out P.A. the previous night. This set is much more tenacious, thought-out, CS being much more relaxed and as such able to push his circuit-bent troniks & 8-tracks set-up to it's limits.

The Perfect Lovers are Brisbane's best, longest-standing free-noise/improv collective. A massive inspiration to all with a long, towering shadow above the town. Led by the inimitable Jamie Hume (The Auchenflower Red Light District, The Year of the Sex Olympics) and featuring members from Unique Oil Free Air, Blend 42 from Outer Space, Wtem, and many more TPL performed to a stunned few with one of their most cohesive yet relentlessly destructive sets to date since their reunion a few years ago.

All sets recorded live with a dictaphone and then dubbed straight-to-tape. No edits or any manipulation.
Digital copies aren't the intended listening experience - tapes always sound better.

EM19 'A Natural Low' ~c90

Essential Minerals #19. (c) 2017

A short, cold & hostile untitled document featuring four new, clipped-out tracks by RuiNation (VIC/AU)
- a project led by 'Under the Sign' records head Jarro Raphael (Nocturnal Graves, Impious Baptism, Destruct & Coffin Lust).

EM18 - RuiNation - untitled c21

Essential Minerals #18. (c) 2016.

A surprisingly short cassette featuring four mournful tracks from this erratic project; from behind drawn curtains watching the sun rise alone once again.

EM17 - Slupr - untitled c21

Essential Minerals #17. (c) 2016.

Deviating, riotous live jam straight-to-tape document from VYXMK - Brisbane-based bent troniks duo project.
See: Toilet Roll Dolls, White King. Cases individually decorated by artist.

EM16 - VYXMK - 'GTN WRD' c47

Essential Minerals #16. (c) 2016.

Latest from this increasingly cryptic project featuring members of Pluto, Shooga, T.B., and many more.

EM14 - Slupr - s/t c30

Essential Minerals #14. (c) 2016.

Captured live set from early 2015 in the Real Bad kitchen with white-hot mixers (a)blaze(d),
trapped humidity, freon gas leaks & stifling heat; a claustrophobic appearance from these legends.
See: Breakdance the Dawn.

EM13 - Stasis Duo - 'Live' c30

Essential Minerals #13. (c) 2015.

Out of print.

EM12 - 'Dual;Hold' c30

Essential Minerals #12. (c) 2015.

Out of print.

EM11 - 'Bush Acid Corridor' c60

Essential Minerals #11. (c) 2015.

Out of print. Only a handful of cassettes produced.

EM10 - Tistriallal Binds s/t c30

Essential Minerals #10. (c) 2015.

Anonymous submission. Available on cassette.

EM9 - 'Crop Rotation' c30

Essential Minerals #9. (c) 2015.

Urgent, suffocating circuit bent mass consumer gadgets & wild fried troniks from Alrey Batol.
Limited to 40 copies, cassette cover by artist.

Available on cassette, digital.

EM8 - Faecal Flower - 'The Knotting of the Sinews, the Throbbing of the Pulse' c30

Essential Minerals #8. (c) 2015.

Glistening drone & descending chords; A very rare, veiled solo offering recorded straight to a found, sunburned tape.
See: Shooga, Slupr, R.E.P.T.I.L.E.

Available on cassette, digital.

EM7 - L.G. untitled c30

Essential Minerals #7. (c) 2015.

Incredible, masked solo tape; field recordings, raw loops & mysterious secret transmissions
Available on cassette, digital.

EM6 - 'High in Chinatown' c60

Essential Minerals #6. (c) 2015.

Extended loop-based earworm jam from the incomparable Dry Mouth (Melbourne, AU).
See: Altered States Tapes.
Available on cassette, digital.

EM5 - Dry Mouth - 'Creeping Critical' c30

Essential Minerals #5. (c) 2015.

Post-Cock Safari mad man in the hot-boxed slug oven cuttin' up hyper-crude 8-track loops on the living room floor.
Full colour insert by artist. See: Grog Pappy (label), Cock Safari, The Mermaids, Anal Cum Wolf, The Sunset Flips.
Available on cassette, digital.

EM4 - Mmmoowwcowtitugz - 'In the Living Room at the 141 Slug Oven' c60

Essential Minerals #4. (c) 2015.

Debut from this cabalistic, fluid project featuring members of Pluto, Shooga, T.B., many more;
murky, reinterpreted haunted jams from the woods.
Out of print.

EM3 - Slupr - 'Possessed' c60

Essential Minerals #3. (c) 2015.

These hands, what are they here for?

Available on cassette, digital.

EM2 - 'Event' c60

Essential Minerals #2. (c) 2015.

A frenetic blown-speaker, wrong button/clipped-out hypno tek tour-de-force from Henry Mills (Wardenburger, I'm A Cop, $low, many many more).
Available on cassette, digital.

EM1 - Henry Mills untitled c100

Essential Minerals #1. (c) 2014.